How to Get Your Teen to Clean Their Mouthguard

Teens might think they only wear their sports mouthguard during practice or a game, so it can’t be too dirty, right? WRONG! Proper care of their sports mouthguard will reduce their risk of getting sick, help keep their teeth healthy, and prolong the life of their guard. Poor sports mouthguard maintenance can lead to replacement costs for you as well.

Check out our tips below on the importance of getting your teen in the habit of cleaning their sports mouthguard.

How to Clean Sports Mouthguards—Tips Your Teen Can Use

Sports mouthguards are made of silicone, rubber, or a combination of the two. Keeping a sports mouthguard clean ensures bacteria that thrive in damp environments don’t have the opportunity to build up. Bacteria buildup can lead to tooth decay and other teeth and gum issues. 

Share these tips with your teen:

  • No touching – When the sports mouthguard is in use, touch it as little as possible. The more touching, removing, and replacement, especially with fingers or gloves dirty from sports, the more opportunity for bacteria to grow.
  • Rinse as soon as possible after use – This helps to remove any saliva or debris buildup, and then clean it more fully at home. Also, rinse if the sports mouthguard is dropped on the floor or ground.
  • Air dry – Allow the sports mouthguard to air dry before returning to its case.
  • Return the sports mouthguard to its case – Remind your teen to always keep their sports mouthguard in its case when not in use.
  • Deep clean – Deep clean mouthguard weekly, at the very least, preferably after each use when using for sports. Efferdent will clean mouthguards in 3 minutes so it’s ready to go after packing the rest of their sports bag.
  • Clean the sports mouthguard case too – Keeping their case clean will also help to prevent dental issues from bacteria growth.

Luckily, any teen can easily clean their sports mouthguards pre- and post-activity with Efferdent®. A three-minute soak in warm water kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria.

Things That Take Longer than Three Minutes

Sometimes getting teens to do something can be like pulling teeth, pun intended. Here are some things they can do while their sports mouthguard soaks and gets clean:

  • Eat a snack. Most teens are ravenous after physical activity. Easy to pair cleaning their sports mouthguard while they snack.
  • Learn a TikTok dance or watch a couple of Reels.
  • Start cleaning up their room. Chances are they won’t make it very far, but you can still suggest it!
  • Pack their sports, backpack, or lunch bag.
  • Gather their laundry.
  • Listen to their new favorite song.

Maintain Your New Routine

Encouraging your teen to get into a sports mouthguard cleaning routine shouldn’t be too hard, especially since soaking their sports mouthguard is so easy! Remind them that cleaning and maintaining their sports mouthguard properly can help protect their healthy smile.