Fresh breath and a confident smile start with a clean mouth.

This means brushing your teeth as recommended and regularly cleaning dental appliances—such as dentures, retainers, teeth aligners, and nighttime and sports mouth guards—that can attract and trap odor-causing bacteria.

5 in 1 cleansing system

Oxi-Action, the cleansing and stain-fighting power behind Efferdent dental appliance cleansing tablets, works in multiple ways to turn each tablet into a complete 5 in 1 cleansing system:

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Removes stubborn stains and yellowing

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Kills odor-causing bacteria

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Reduces plaque buildup

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Whitens dentures

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Actively cleans between dentures

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How Oxi-Action works

Efferdent’s Oxi-Action cleansing and whitening system harnesses the power of oxygen to digest bacteria and other contaminants at a molecular level, using*:

  • A detergent to trap and lift unwanted debris and prepare the dental appliance surface for deeper cleaning
  • Bleaching agents to remove stains and kill bacteria
  • A bleach activator to boost the bleaching agents’ ability to whiten and eliminate odors
  • An effervescent reaction from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid that provides additional cleaning agitation

Stains, plaque, and bacteria are no match for Oxi-Action, especially when you use Efferdent regularly to clean your retainer, mouth guard, teeth aligner or dentures.

* Key ingredients of Oxi-Action include: sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (detergent), sodium percarbonate and potassium monopersulfate (bleaching agents), and tetraacetylethylenediamine (bleach activator).